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Parlures et parjures
le roi Renaud, 4m00s [excerpt]
Track 8 from Parlures et parjures
CD: Malasartes musique (2016) MAM 025

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Sax/flute player and composer Pierre Labbé is gifted with a tirelessly inquisitive mind. He has made various forays into jazz and musique actuelle with Les Projectionnistes, L’Orkestre des Pas Perdus, Papa Boa, and Pierre Labbé Quartet. He has performed many times in several jazz and creative music festivals in Canada, the US, Mexico, and Morocco. He has released close to ten CDs. Always on the move, Labbé plays, improvises, blows, sings, composes, creates, and makes sounds for dance and theatre. He has produced incidental music for over 20 productions (Pacamambo by Wajdi Mouawad, best youth production, 2002; Les âmes sœurs by Serge Marois; Âme, a choreography by Benjamin Hatcher). The Quasar saxophone quartet commissioned him for a piece (Bocal, culasse et pavillon) premiered in 2008. For its 10th edition, the OFF Montréal Jazz Festival commissioned him for a large-scale work, Tremblement de fer, for 50 musicians, premiered in June 2009.

Labbé is the artistic director of the youth arts company Sacré Tympan. He has written and produced Pierre et le pou, a performance that blends music with storytelling and theatre of objects. The company will be touring Montréal’s Maisons de la Culture in 2009-2010. Since 1996, he has been traveling across Québec with his Contes du vent, a performance concert for young audiences. In concert, on record or while performing, Labbé is a singular artist that navigates from project to project, like a momentum catcher. His boldness and versatility as a composer and improviser are what sets him apart.


Some Recent Releases

  • Parlures et parjures
    Falaise, Faubert, Tanguay
    Parlures et parjures
    Malasartes musique
    MAM 025
  • Tremblement de fer
    Tremblement de fer
    Ambiances Magnétiques
    AM 202
  • Manivelle
    Ambiances Magnétiques
    AM 190
  • Risque et pendule
    Alarie, Bonin, Falaise, Labbé…
    Risque et pendule
    Ambiances Magnétiques
    AM 117
  • Tête à queue
    Falaise, Labbé, Leclerc, Roverselli
    Tête à queue
    Ambiances Magnétiques
    AM 068

What the Press Says

  • “Un projet à surveiller s’il passe dans votre coin, et dont on espère des suites.”

    Parlures et parjures in Voir (Québec), June 2017

  • “There is now a long history of conducted improvisations to draw from.”

    Downtown Music Gallery (USA), June 2014

  • “Une œuvre marquante.”

    Tremblement de fer in SOCAN, Paroles & Musique (Canada), June 2012

  • “Just beautiful.”

    Danse à l’Anvers, Tremblement de fer, Hold True (Accroche-toi), Primero in Vital #795 (Netherlands), August 2011

  • Fléchettes features a single 44-minute duo performance.”

    Fléchettes, Tremblement de fer in Signal to Noise #62 (USA), July 2011

  • “More than 60 years after the big band era, improvising musicians still organize large ensembles to take advantage of its wider scope and range of colors.”

    Tremblement de fer in The WholeNote #16:9 (Canada), June 2011

  • “This is intriguing stuff from an obviously talented composer.”

    Tremblement de fer in Exclaim! (Canada), May 2011

  • “Admirables moments que ces antinomies joliment animées et parfaitement assumées.”

    Tremblement de fer in Le son du grisli (France), April 2011

  • “Un modèle de plasticité et de sens de la narration.”

    Tremblement de fer in Jazz Magazine (France), January 2011

  • Richter, sur son échelle, n’a qu’à bien se tenir!”

    Tremblement de fer in Radio-Canada: Espace Jazz (Québec), November 2010

  • “De mémorables secousses y ont frappé l’imaginaire, c’est le moins qu’on puisse dire.”

    Tremblement de fer in La Presse (Québec), November 2010

  • “Overall an adventurous CD that will, no matter how many times one listens to it, remain fresh as if listening to it for the first time.”

    Tremblement de fer in La Scena Musicale #16:3 (Québec), November 2010

  • “The music is carried by a carefully assembled ensemble”

    Tremblement de fer in Monsieur Délire (Québec), October 2010

  • “En clair, Labbé réveille et aiguise les neurones de toutes nos curiosités. Et ça, c’est «hénaurme».”

    Tremblement de fer in Le Devoir (Québec), October 2010

  • “Un des beaux albums de cet automne”

    Tremblement de fer in Radio-Canada: Désautels (Québec), October 2010

  • “Voici un disque surprenant.”

    Tremblement de fer in Voir (Québec), October 2010

  • “The Pierre Labbé 4TET can be discreet, aerial, soothing off the clouds like the midnight moon’s rays”

    Manivelle in Avant-garde Metal (Germany), June 2010

  • Labbé pushes the envelope and lives his musical life on the edge.”

    Manivelle in La Scena Musicale (Québec), March 2010


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