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27 February 2017
By Frans de Waard in Vital #1072 (Netherlands), February 27, 2017


“Excellent release”

Originally Lauzier is saxophone and clarinet player and does so with people from the world of improvised music. However since 2014 he also works on the development of an instrument of his own, half way between something to look at and to be played, which he calls Gritty. On his solo cassette Dôme we hear a recording of a somewhat more developed version of that, recorded in Montréal in 2015. The instrument consists of bells, zithers, motors and a Korg synthesizer, and on this tape there are two seventeen-minute pieces that simply sound beautiful. This is the kind of acoustic drone music that I enjoy a lot. The motor based devices spinning against strings and metal objects, complete with just a fine dash of reverb (I have no idea what the Korg is doing here), make up for music that reminded me of Organum or early Paul Panhuysen. It is played by a human and has a very human touch, as opposed by objects being played in a similar way but controlled by midi or some sort of computer interference. Lauzier creates a massive texture with all sorts of small sounds happening above and below the über-drone, and sometimes it veers towards feedback and noise, but every time Lauzier knows how to move back and take control again. There is not much difference between both sides, which is good; I had it on repeat all afternoon, doing all sorts of boring computer work and every now and then I sat back and listened more closely, effectively doing the same as the music; moving around while going from quiet to loud and back again. Excellent release.

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15 February 2017

Disc Metatron by Architek Percussion, released in 2016, is 25% off to celebrate 25 years of new music at DAME (until the end of February).

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15 February 2017

Fonofone (for iOS) is a music / sound creation application, designed by composer Yves Daoust and multidisciplinary artist Alexandre Burton since 2013 (following ten years of development on Musicolateur), is now available to everyone via the iOS App Store. Fonofone allows to explore the universe of sounds, to realize alone or collectively sound creations and to perform them live. The web site of the application is complemented by the pedagogical site where user may exchange and share their sounds and work. The official launch of Fonofone will take place on February 22, 2017 at 5 pm at the Centre Phi in Montréal (Québec).

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14 February 2017

Disc Musiques de chambres by Jean Derome, released in 2015, is 25% off to celebrate 25 years of new music at DAME (until the end of February). “All of the works feature top-notch arrangements featuring stellar musicianship.” — Wired for Sound (Canada)

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13 February 2017

Disc Le Sacre du printemps by Quartetski, released in 2013, is 25% off to celebrate 25 years of new music at DAME (until the end of February). “The extended instUKmental solos never outstay their welcome, and Martel’s pungent distillation of the work’s essence continually throws up surprises…” — The Arts Desk (UK)

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13 February 2017

Disc John Cage: Four by Bozzini Quartet, released in 2014, is 25% off to celebrate 25 years of new music at DAME (until the end of February). “Here the Bozzinis demonstrate their impressive range, playing together, apart and indifferently.” — La Folia (USA)

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