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Life in The Suicide Riots is Jerry Snell’s first album and was produced with musicians and composers Michel F Côté, Claude Fradette and Claude Vendette. The twelve songs of this new Ambiances Magnétiques release are based on Life in The Suicide Riots, a text Jerry Snell wrote while on a tour which confronted him with social and political conflicts across the world. At the roots of his writing are depravation, taboos, institutional violence, and terror.

With a rough and powerful voice, Jerry Snell sings his texts with a sense of urgency, as a “poète maudit.” He found a well-balanced tone, atmosphere, and color for each song. Côté, Fradette and Vendette have composed a music that tightly fits with Life in The Suicide Riots corrosive universe. A music we may call rock with a feeling of blues, rhythmical and percussive, including a syncopated saxophone and a complex guitar. For the production of Life in The Suicide Riots, actor Jerry Snell has created an efficient merge between theater and music.

Total duration: 48m16s