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Édifices naturels
Édifices (naturels): mouvement 1, 5m14s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Édifices naturels
CD: Collection QB (2008) CQB 0805

For a decade, Brigitte Poulin has been commissioning and premiering works by composers who, she thought, could help better define our own piano culture. From this repertoire, she selected four pieces for Éditices naturels: James Harley’s Édifices (naturels) (2000), Ana Ana Sokolović’s Danses et interludes (2003), Denys Bouliane’s Contredanse du silène Badouny (1998), and Paul Frehner’s Finnegans Quarks Revival (2005-07). All these composers have shown a personal affinity with the piano; each one of these works has a distinctive character.

“I naively hope that this album will make a contribution to the concert piano music of future generations and, if possible, outside the framework of the contemporary music concerts” —Brigitte Poulin

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Total duration: 65m17s