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Palétuvier (rouge)
dextrus fitera (2010), 7m38s [excerpt]
Track 2 from Palétuvier (rouge)
CD: &records (2010) ET 13

Rhizophoraceae are a family of tropical trees that grow on aerial prop root that arch above the water level. They thrive along coastlines in brackish water and in swampy salt marshes.

Labrosse, Lauzier and Tanguay have sculpted a most digestible indigenious record. Palétuvier (rouge) is a canoe trip through the heart of a mangrove forest. The acoustic instruments were close-miked, bringing to the fore their initial sounds and obliging the musicians to engage in subtle and minimalist interplay.

Track Listing

    • 1
      miso eratu (2010)
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 2
      dextrus fitera (2010)
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 3
      maxias pitucis (2010)
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
    • 4
      alvarum macenza (2010)
      • 2.0
        • Stereo 2.0
Total duration: 39m25s