Mergaerts, Tanguay, Vann


MAM 005

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Hélène, 3m23s [excerpt]
Track 1 from Departure
CD: Malasartes musique (2007) MAM 005

In 2005, the percussionist Pierre Tanguay, a presence on the Quebec music scene, met prominent Belgian jazz saxophonist, Erwin Vann. This promising meeting in Montréal was organized by bassist Michel Mergaerts. The trio shares more than a love for jazz, they also all frequently pass through the Montréal airport. This explains the name of this airy trio and their unique style of jazz. Its sensitivity is weaved with spirited improvisation and buoyant rhythms. Between the free and wild polyrhythmic play of Pierre Tanguay and the delicate virtousity of Erwin Vann’s pure precision we find the firm stance and light hand of Michel Mergaerts’ soothing sanctuary. A twist to the expected, a comforting surprise for the soul, the sounds of Yul uplift, making theirs a truly unique trio.

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Total duration: 49m45s