14 December 2007
By Bruce Lee Gallanter in Downtown Music Gallery (USA), December 14, 2007


“This is an extraordinary trio: exciting, intense, focused and at times scary.”

Fenaison is a group committed to the making of new music that is texturally driven, improvised, exploratory, and boundary crossing. Performing with intuition, ingenuity, and integrity, Fenaison pushes the limits of the anticipated and the accepted with their dynamic and intensely unique performances. Members of the ensemble come from such diverse backgrounds as classical composition, noise music, contemporary performance, improvisation, electronic music and jazz. This ensemble has been heralded as both exciting and innovative.

Fenaison feature Charity Chan on extended piano, Rémy Belanger de Beauport on amplified cello, flute & electronics and Chris Covlin on saxes. I met Ms. Chan when she played at the Ambiances Magnétiques fest at The Stone earlier this year (2007) and was most impressed with her playing. She studied with Fred Frith at Mills College and this is the first disc she is involved with on the Quebec-based AM label. This is an extraordinary trio: exciting, intense, focused and at times scary. Each sound is perfectly balanced within their dream-like haze of constant surprises. Some of this is noisy, but all of it is quite fascinating.

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