Liner Notes

À propos de Plat

Fenaison was formed through sheer happenstance and a mutual love for great music. Dedicated to the performance of contemporary improvised music, Fenaison is committed to exploring the spontaneous and dynamic possibilities that are a result of a high level of organic group communication and shared (yet also very different) aesthetic sympathies. Because each musician brings a very diverse set of musical influences to the ensemble — including composition, classical, avant-garde, jazz, punk, and noise musics — seemingly disparate elements are fused together, creating a balance of tensions between individual statements and collective presentation that is truly unique, distinctive, and new. Sudden shifts in texture, vigorous bursts of sound, subtle nuances in timbre, and the sweetly beguiling play with (seeming?) silence typify the music presented here on plat. The mercurial vitality of Fenaison seduces and envelopes the listener in a collaborative experience that excites, inspires, and leaves one at once satisfied yet wishing for more.