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Radio ›› Lundi 30 mars 2015
Monk Work
Work (1962), 5m42s [extrait]
Piste 1 de Monk Work
CD: Ambiances Jazz (2014) AM 218
Évidence (Pierre Cartier, basse électrique; Jean Derome, saxophone alto; Pierre Tanguay, batterie)

Blogue ›› Lundi 30 mars 2015

  • Aujourd’hui…

    … est l’anniversaire de naissance de Marilyn Crispell (1947).

    30 mars 2015 ›› Général
  • Événements en cours et à venir

    • PiedNu 2015 (Jusqu’au 4 avr)
    • Sonic Protest 2015 (2 au 12 avr)
    30 mars 2015 ›› En concert
  • Le Sacre du printemps dans The Arts Desk

    «Pierre-Yves Martel’s Quartetski are based in Montreal. They’ve already reinterpreted Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives and there’s a Bartók disc in the pipeline. Martel’s approach is looser and more anarchic than Hofbauer’s, the ballet recast for drums, electric guitar, reeds and violin. Martel plays viola da gamba, and, tantalisingly, what’s listed as “objets divers”. The 32-minute original is extended here to nearly…»

    14 mars 2015 ›› Presse
  • Volume 2 dans The WholeNote

    «Everything old is new again doesn’t go quite far enough in describing formats now available for disseminating music. Not only are downloads and streaming becoming preferred options, but CDs are still being pressed at the same time as musicians experiment with DVDs, vinyl variants and even tape cassettes. Happily the significance of the musical messages outweighs the media multiplicity…»

    1 mars 2015 ›› Presse
  • Jean Derome dans Musicworks

    «Over the past four decades, Jean Derome’s musical interests have spanned everything from standards to skronk. He has composed graphic scores for large ensembles, created multimedia works for string quartets, and devised music for dance, theatre, and cinema works. But what Derome is best known for is his key role in the development of the unique movement in Quebec avant-garde…»

    1 mars 2015 ›› Presse
  • Monk Work dans Vital

    «Évidence present their third release of Monk interpretations. This group has a long history. Derome and Cartier played already Monk-compositions when they were operating as a duo in the 70s. For many years they played Monk for their own sake as a hobby. In 1993 they decided however to make a studio recording, Musique de Thelonious Monk. It was followed…»

    16 février 2015 ›› Presse