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Radio ›› Samedi 28 novembre 2015
Kamsin, 4m24s [extrait]
Piste 1 de Mismar
CD: Malasartes musique (2015) MAM 021

Blogue ›› Samedi 28 novembre 2015

  • Aujourd’hui…

    … est l’anniversaire de naissance de Laetitia Sonami (1957).

    28 novembre 2015 ›› Général
  • Événements en cours et à venir

    • Nuit d’hiver #13 (9 au 21 déc)
    28 novembre 2015 ›› En concert
  • Volume 2 dans The Sound Projector

    «Highly unusual performance record of drones, hums and growly toots by Sainct Laurens, a duo of players, in the form of their album Volume 2 (ETRC019) on the Canadian label E-Tron Rec. Montreal players Pierre-Yves Martel and Philippe Lauzier thrive in a marginal sidebar of free improvisation, clearly wanting nothing to do with those energetic sort of players who sweat…»

    22 novembre 2015 ›› Presse
  • Paso Doble dans Vital

    «A duo work of two improvisers. Eguiluz (voice) comes from originally from Mexico. Diamantakiou, playing upright bass, is originates from Marseille (France). They started their collaboration in 2012 in Montreal, where both have their base. Diamantakiou is also member of the ensemble Rubedo’ro, led by Eguiluz. As a duo they take themes from jazz standards as a starting point for…»

    3 novembre 2015 ›› Presse
  • John Cage: Four dans La Folia

    «As a collection, Cage’s string quartets permit an ensemble to explore different ways of collaborating. The String Quartet in Four Parts was written just before Cage’s plunge into chance. It’s traditionally notated and organized akin to the micro and macro structures Cage explored in his early percussion music. The Bozzini pivots expertly between delicate antique and dissonant chords. Thirty Pieces…»

    1 novembre 2015 ›› Presse
  • 30 octobre 2015 ›› Nouveautés