Sounding Art

Eight Literary Excursions Through Electronic Music
Ashgate Publications
ASH 0754604268
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Sounding… …spaces

  1. Concrete tales and touching times [Iannis Xenakis, Philips pavilion, small and tactile sounds, microscopic time and Henri Bergson. Magali Babin, Ryoji Ikeda]

  2. Several infinities (an emblem book) [metaphors of perspective/space and flight, Bachelard, Da Vinci, works by Luc Ferrari, Jonathan Harvey, Luigi Ceccarelli, Phill Niblock]

Sounding… …worlds

  1. With no direction home [maps and cartographers, documentary sounds, sound ecology, composed listening. Peter Cusack, Barry Truax, Paul Lansky, Francisco López]

  2. The same trail twice: Talking Rain with Hildegard Westerkamp [a transcribed interview of a walk in the rain with HW, and text on subject of recording, listening, re-hearing]

Sounding… …voices

  1. Speak/Listen [radio ‘voice’ of authority, radio art, voice, unheard voices. Lotta Erickson, Evelyn Ficarra, Cathy Lane, Pamela Z]

  2. Figure-toi: Listening to Sous le regard d’un soleil noir by Francis Dhomont [multi-layered analysis, issues of translation, aural inner worlds, psychology of sound, schizophrenia, Ronald D Laing]

Sounding… …edges

  1. Beyond the limit and the line [noise as metaphor, as pornographic sound, as transgression. Sarah Vaughan, Glenn Gould, Autechre, Merzbow]

  2. The Endnotes [appropriation and plunder, cover versions, pop, technology as the subject. John Oswald, Terre Thaemlitz, Martin Tétreault]