12 février 1990
Par Randall Mcilroy in Winnipeg Free Press (Canada), 12 février 1990


«… Lussier weaves a dense, glittering tapestry of words and music.»

Fair enough, we’ve heard plenty about records made like movies. Yet there’s no other way to describe Rene Lussier’s ambitious, astounding document.

Lussier’s recent Winnipeg gig with partner Jean Derome was productively rambunctious and intuitive. Le Trésor de la Langue (The Treasure of Language) is controlled and methodical—another world entirely, but equally exciting.

Drawing from his research of the oral francophone traditions of his native Québec, Lussier weaves a dense, glittering tapestry of words and music. Speakers and instrumentalists (including Lussier, Derome, Fred Frith, trombonist Alain Trudel and cellist Tom Cora) play with field recordings of the spoken word, often playing virtual phonetic melodies keyed to the cadences of speech De Gaulle’s infamous Vive Québec libre speech and the FLQ manifesto are folded in, as are hot and cold bursts of Lussier’s guitar, brass jollity and much, much more.

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